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Grow Boxes

General information and suggestions

The dimensions are 590x520x350 mm and the weight is about 7 Kg dry, without water in the drawer. The water drawer contains just under 5 lt. The total weight is therefore just under 12 kg
The electrical consumption of your Linfa depends mainly on the intensity of the LED lamp. In the case of Linfa Classic you will spend about € 2-3 per month, in the case of Linfa Weezy € 4-5.
Linfa Weezy is equipped with a more powerful lamp than the classic version and designed for the cultivation of medical plants. It is also equipped with blackout panels, scrog net, drying net and starter Kit Medical Plants
Of course, you can grow all the kits in our catalog.
No, you can’t buy Linfa Weezy accessories by buying a Linfa Classic.
Linfa normally produces a measured noise of about 35 decibels: it is the background noise of a public library.
The water consumption of your Linfa depends on several factors, such as the chosen cultivation kit, plant growth and outdoor environmental conditions. In general, your plants will need about 1 or 2 liters per week. To allow your plants to grow optimally, we recommend that you always keep the drawer full. The total water consumption of a growing cycle varies from 20 to 40 liters. However, you don’t have to worry: follow the notifications that come to you from the Linfa app and you will know when to add water.
No! Linfa is designed for an indoor environment.
Linfa Weezy’s lamp is a modern LED lamp composed of 192 monochromatic LEDs of 5 colors (red, deep red, blue, green and white) to ensure the best possible growth. The rated power is about 80W. For comparison is like having a HPS 725W lamp for each square meter.
The water pump turns on at the beginning of the cultivation and then at sunrise according to the settings of the app. The operating time is 5 minutes. The noise is comparable to the noise of a small aquarium pump.
Yes. Our kits have been designed by our agronomists and our engineers have developed appropriate algorithms for the optimal management of the machine for the ideal cultivation of your plants.
We can’t stop you :) but we strongly advise you NOT to use your own fertilizers or other materials. Linfa’s cultivation kits are designed to get the most out of your plants. Use only the materials you find in the kits.
The ring is the circle in the center of the Linfa bottom. The circle lights up in different colors and with different “pulsations” to indicate the state of your sap. Linfa. To know the meaning of the colors see the ring legend that you can find in the Linfa app settings or download here.
It is always good to avoid contamination. So yes, wash your hands and if you can, position the seed by taking it with tweezers.
Currently it is not possible to set the light hours at will.
The cultivation profile is the set of parameters necessary for the growth of your plants. By choosing to grow a certain variety, Linfa will download the cultivation data from the Cloud to transform them into magnificent plants.
Yes, but only in the Weezy version you can dry your plants.

Installation manuals

Operating Problems

Carefully follow the connection procedure in the app. If you have problems, see the Wi-Fi Connectivity section on this page.
It means that your Linfa is not yet connected to the internet and is not ready to grow. To learn more about the meaning of the ring colors download the legend here .
Try again with caution and you’ll see that you succeed. If you have problems contact
The fan makes a noise comparable to a desktop pc fan. If you hear it making cable noise, write to the support
Nothing serious. When you reconnect Linfa to the power supply again, after a period of about 40 seconds in which the light ring light flashes slowly with the color white, Linfa automatically reconnects to the Wi-Fi network. At this point the color of the light ring turns green to indicate that Linfa is operational again.
If the lamp is not working, the first thing to check is that Linfa is connected to an electrical outlet and that the USB-C lamp power cord is well connected and not damaged. Make sure that there are no items that interfere with the proper operation of the lamp, such as dirt, water, items stuck in the USB-C power cord of the lamp. One reason why the lamp can be turned off is that you have completed the cultivation cycle: you can check it from the App. If the malfunction persists, please contact Robonica Support
The lamp is a very delicate component of Linfa, so if it is damaged you need to contact the assistance. Spare parts can be ordered from any authorized dealer or from
No problem, just disconnect Linfa from the power supply and place it safely and securely in its new location. Keep in mind that Linfa needs an internet connection in order to work. Make sure that the new location receives a Wi-Fi signal strong enough not to compromise the operation of your greenhouse. Also keep in mind that every time you change location to Linfa you have to go through the calibration procedure again, so before moving your Linfa, make sure that the water drawer is empty, and take it from under the bottom of the base and NOT FROM THE SIDE OR THE LAMP, as it could break.
Try repeating the level sensor calibration steps using the app on the settings page.


Simple: remove the drawer, empty the water, remove the growing base and possibly the SCROG net (only Weezy) and then wash it all. You can also put the various components in the dishwasher
You can reset your Linfa / Weezy by following the steps in this video.
The procedure is very simple. From the App Settings you have to choose Linfa Settings > Disassociate > name of the Linfa you want to release. The disassociation deletes the selected sap from your user and removes all the information about the active cultivation. Keep in mind that unbundling implicitly involves a reset which, in turn, deletes your Wi-Fi credentials from Linfa.

Linfa App

General information and suggestions

To manage your cultivation in a fully automatic way. Only with the Linfa app can you activate, manage and complete your cultivation. In addition, the app allows you to buy and learn about new plants to grow and to receive useful information to improve your cultivation.
You can find all the technical information about the app by visiting the ’App Store if you have an iPhone or Google Play if you have an Android device.
The lighting cycle is determined by the profile you choose when you start growing. In particular, you can choose among the different profiles available on the App, characterized by different duration of the lighting phase in the various phases of the cycle. You can set the lighting time of the lamp (sunrise) according to your daily needs: for example, starting early in the morning if you prefer to have the lamp off during the evening hours or, on the contrary, if you want to have your garden in sight in the evening, you can set the sunrise later in the day. You can change the sunrise time at any time, even with the cultivation in progress, through the App settings in the Linfa/Lighting Settings section under Sunrise Time in the Cycle Settings panel. The panel also shows the duration of the lighting cycle and the sunset time in read-only mode.
Plants mainly absorb red, deep red and blue light, which is why the lamp has that purple color as a result. This type of light is the most efficient (even in bill) possible to grow. Since we humans are not like plants and we also see green light (red + blue + green = white), we have inserted green LEDs, to create as much white balance as possible, this allows you to see your plants almost as if they were under a normal white light - although still tending to purple. The always on white light button tries to balance to as white as possible every time the lamp is on.
Yes, you can delete a cultivation in progress. From the App Home Page select your sap to enter the detail view, then browse to the left the panel with the name of the cultivation mix. By clicking on the red icon of the trash can, after further confirmation, you can delete the current cultivation.
Sure you can. The hexagonal design of Linfa is suitable for a variety of different compositions of more than one Linfa that you can control simultaneously from the App of your smartphone.
Of course you can. Every time you add a Linfa through your App, the App will ask you to enter your Wi-Fi credentials. Nothing prohibits you from controlling from the same App one Lymph in Italy and another one in New Zealand.
To temporarily stop a cultivation
The Linfa Webcam allows you to take pictures of your crops and share them with your friends. You can take photos from the appropriate section of the app.
You may have disabled the function from your smartphone settings. Make sure the notification settings for the Linfa app are enabled.
Check that you are connected to a data network, in case the problem persists contact support at and attach a screenshot of your app.

Wi-FI - Connectivity

If you turn off your Wi-Fi while growing or if for any reason you no longer have an active internet connection at the location where Linfa is, don’t worry: Linfa doesn’t lose any data and keeps following its profile and growing your plants. You will notice the absence of connection by the color of the bright ring, which turns flashing yellow. Once the Wi-Fi is turned back on, the bright ring will turn green and Linfa will be connected to your network again, without the need to re-enter your credentials. Remember that during the period of absence of the Wi-Fi signal, Linfa continues to apply the active cultivation cycle, but it cannot send you any notification and it is not possible to interact through the App
If you change your Wi-Fi credentials you need to reset Linfa as described in this video. However, if you have a cultivation in progress, the progress of the cultivation is stored in the cloud and as soon as Linfa reconnects to your Wi-Fi, you will be able to download again the cultivation profile and the corresponding progress status so that you can continue the cultivation normally.
It is for your safety. As long as your Lymph is associated with your account, its hotspot will not be visible in the list of available networks and will be covered by a random password to avoid any external connection. The Linfa hotspot will become visible and accessible again only after a reset or disassociation of the greenhouse.

Grow Kit

General information and suggestions

It is a box containing three cartridges with the nutrients for your plants, the seeds to use (not included in the medical plants kit), the growing media also called grow pod. Each kit is associated with a digital growing profile that you can activate directly from the Linfa app.
It is a liquid that improves the results of the cultivation and should only be used following the instructions that come to you through the app.
It will be the app through three different notifications to tell you when to use the 3 Boosters. In particular the days are: Booster 1: day 37, Booster 2: day 58, Booster 3: day 66. The boosters are used by pouring the content into the water tank
As with boosters, the app will always notify you when to install your active carbon filter. Do not install your active carbon filter earlier than indicated by the app: this way you will increase the odour reduction capacity during the most important phase. Usually you will be notified of the installation of your active charcoal filter on day 34.
It is the growing substrate of Linfa. A “square” of coconut fiber found in the grow kit and in which you will put the seeds of the plant you want to grow.

Usage guide and cultivation tips

NO! Place the growpods as they are delivered to you following the recommended layout.
The recommended layout of the substrates is indicated in the grow kit box and you can also find it among the pictures of each kit on the Linfa website.
The germination times indicated in the grow kits containing seeds are determined under standard conditions. If you have followed all the instructions given on how to start growing, your seeds may simply need a few more days to emerge. A possible cause of the delay in germination time may be that the water is too cold. Always make sure to top up the tank with water at room temperature (23°C). The vitality of the seeds decreases significantly with the passage of time or with unsuitable storage conditions (e.g. changes in temperature, light and humidity). Even if the seeds selected by us always have a high germination rate, as they are still living organisms, they do not germinate 100% of the time, which is why we always provide more than one seed per variety. In case no seed is viable, please contact our assistance.
Once the growing cycle is over, it is not possible to reuse the GrowPods, you can dispose of them by following the instructions on the separate collection of your area.
To ensure that your crop is always in good health, follow these tips:
Remove dead or dried leaves and flowers frequently to reduce the likelihood of mold formation.
Remove parts of plants that grow too close to the lamp or squashed against the sides of the greenhouse.
Make sure the water tank is full so that the nutrient solution can be concentrated properly.
If you feel the plants are too thick you can try pruning some branches to help air circulation in the growth chamber and reduce the incidence of mold
Occasionally it may happen that one of the plants in your Linfa dies. The reasons may be different and completely natural. If a plant dies, cut it off at the collar (the base of the stem) and continue to enjoy the rest of the cultivation. If, however, you notice that all the plants in your garden are extremely suffering or die, do not hesitate to contact assistance.
You may find a plant in Linfa that is growing faster than the others. Make sure that the plant does not touch the lamp; you can do this by pruning or topping your plant to avoid burning the leaves and damage to the lamp.
It is only natural that plants, especially in such a small growing environment, should be shaded a little bit. You can alleviate this problem with targeted pruning of the plants that shade the others. In any case don’t worry if you see some leaves in the shade, the geometry of Linfa is designed to make the most of the light radiation.
Don’t worry when you are not present, Linfa will take care of them! Every management aspect, from irrigation and lighting to nutrition, is fully automated and software-controlled. Before you leave, just make sure the water level is at maximum so you don’t leave your plants dry. As you may have observed, although Linfa is highly automated, your plants need you: if you plan to go away for more than a few days, make sure that someone can fill the water drawer and do the small cultivation tasks for you. Alternatively, our advice is to stop growing and start a new crop cycle when you return.
Once your plants are ready to be consumed and have reached the end of the cycle, all you have to do is set up a new cultivation following the instructions that will be provided by the App, and repeat the setup steps of the cultivation from scratch. For step-by-step instructions regarding the management of Linfa after the end of the growth cycle of your plants follow the instructions provided by the Linfa App.
No! The only thing to remove is the drip-saver sticker near the capsule dispenser.
Moulds are fungal microorganisms that can grow in any place where certain conditions of temperature, humidity and nutrients are present. Fungal spores can be found everywhere, even in the air of the environment where you choose to place Linfa. On Grow Pods they find the ideal conditions to grow (high and constant temperature and humidity and organic matter to feed on). In most cases the molds that grow in Linfa are not harmful to plants or humans, which is why we decided not to use poisonous chemicals to prevent their development.

Payments and shipping

General information and suggestions

If you have received a grow kit other than the one requested, write to we will send you the one you have chosen as soon as possible!
At the moment we do not have the option of installment payment.
Free in Canada and United States, for other countries contact customer service
If the unit has already been shipped, it will not be possible to change the shipping address. If no one picks it up, it may be delivered to your local post office. If you do not pick it up there, it will be sent back to us. If this happens, we will contact you to confirm your new address and then send it to the correct address.
Linfa is warranted against defects in material and workmanship for 12 months from the date of purchase, according to current legal provisions. The warranty does not cover consumable components, such as filter materials, and is not valid if the defects are due to tampering, negligence or improper use of the device. Repair or warranty service is available immediately. No liability is assumed for any damage caused by the device to persons, animals or property. Robonica reserves the right to make slight improvements to the product without prior notice. To benefit from warranty service, you should always contact the dealer or store where you purchased the product. The manufacturer is only obligated to repair or replace the product or parts of it free of charge if they are found to be defective after verification at its factory. The warranty, with exclusion of liability for direct and indirect damages, is considered limited only to defects in material or workmanship and ceases to have effect when the returned parts are disassembled, tampered with or repaired outside the factory or authorized service centers. Warranty does not include: transportation costs to the factory or service center, insurance charges for the risk associated with transportation, repairs and/or repair damage caused by personnel not expressly authorized by the manufacturer, periodic checks and maintenance, costs incurred for unwarranted claims under warranty, improper use of the equipment (read the instruction manual carefully). The equipment under warranty must be returned at the purchaser’s expense. The goods always travel at the risk of the purchaser, without any responsibility of the manufacturer for damage caused by transport or loss by the carrier even if shipped free port.

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